November 2016

Watch Doctor Strange Full Movie Online

Doctor Strange full movie

In general, criticism of 'Doctor Strange (Strange Doctor)' are good, although there are all kinds of opinions. However, there is one aspect in which the entire public agrees: Visually is great. Without doubt, the work done in the last premiere of Marvel places it among the best movies with effects of the company, if not the first.


The genius behind this important part of the work is French Stephane Ceretti. Technical and also oversaw the visual effects of 'Guardians of the Galaxy', which helped him to be nominated for an Oscar, losing to 'Interstellar'. This time, the director Scott Derrickson and Ceretti sought a focus on the magic of Stephen Strange mix with the physical world.

Stephane Ceretti says he has had many sources of inspiration for his work. Doctor Strange Among them are the impossible drawings of M.C. Escher, the mobile game 'Monument Valley', the technique "light painting" and mathematically perfect fractals, present in nature.

Obviously, Ceretti confirms that one of its inevitable references was 'Origin', the famous film by Christopher Nolan in shaping the dream reality at will. However, the Frenchman says not inspired much as people think. "We look at 'Source', but we wanted to make it 10,000 times more dynamic and also on a larger scale," he clarified the technical.

Although the visual effects were complicated city where most Doctor Strange had Ceretti was in the astral trip by Stephen Strange when Old woman shows her power. "It took us many months to make it work and find the balance between the effects and history, as well as finding the length, rhythm and visual correct," he said, adding that lasted seven minutes, but we saw only 180 seconds.

Total box office success
The film on Friday November 4 premiered in the United States, where he achieved a Watch Doctor Strange Full Movie Online triumph. Only the first day managed to raise 32.6 billion dollars and is expected to continue to rise to more than 80 million. If we combine the data from around the world, 'Doctor Strange (Doctor Strange)' already has, after its American premiere, with a total of 165 million and half dollars, a number that will continue to rise this week.

Director Scott Derrickson knew he had a problem before people realize Internet. Doctor Strange film, which is currently on display, it had in its mix of stunning visuals, ideas and dimensions, two very stereotypical Asian characters: a Tibetan mystic and a servant.

Although it is deplorable, it was not uncommon at the time in which it arose. The comic in which the film is based was first published in 1963, two years after Mickey Rooney shone some ugly teeth and a horrible accent to play the home I.Y. Yunioshi in Breakfast at Tiffany's.

So he decided that the mystic, The Ancient One (The Elder), was played by actress Tilda Swinton. While the servant, Wong would be the British actor Benedict Wong (Kublai Khan in the series of Netflix Marco Polo).

Derrickson also rewrote the most substantial part of the story.

But the turn in The Ancient One woman, this consequently led to the decision to choose a non-Asian actress for the role, which would unleash a storm on social networks.

"I did not think that was no way to avoid the stereotypes of old Asian magical mentor or Dragon Lady," Derrickson said.

When it was learned that Swinton was chosen for the role in May 2015 blogs and journalists welcomed the decision. Some said it was "perfect casting".